‘Relational’ branding: Key to building client loyalty

Today, it’s not enough to meet, shake hands, walk away and send a ‘remember me’, postcard or email once every few months. To gain the attention and loyalty of the people you want as customers, you must actively participate in their online lives and communities.

But, while Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email and more, have literally placed us in the palms of our clients’ hands—what you say, and how you say it has become more important than ever.  How you present yourself, what you like, share and comment on can make or break your client relationships, and business.

One reason is, that our phones, tablets and computers have hair-trigger response times, making it all too easy to say or share something that puts us in a bad light with our customers. Many of us know, all too well, the damage done by a misplaced finger.

How best to engage and build positive customer relationships

The best way to prevent slips like this from happening is to make your social media and electronic communications part of a robust, well-defined branding and marketing plan.

There are many lead generating opportunities and benefits to be had when engaging regularly with clients online, as part of their personal communities. But, be aware, that “Friending” and “Following,” are terms that represent more than just client contacts, or touches.

In many ways, being accepted into a community comes with “rules of engagement,” that include emotional aspects more in line with deeper friendships and relationships. People are more apt to express their feelings and emotions with people accepted into their communities. This in turn, can lead to spontaneous, unintended remarks.

Without a clear marketing strategy it’s only too easy for Real Estate Agents to blur the lines between the informality of friendships and that of a professional real estate agent. At best, this may lead to missed opportunities to build new leads and convert potential leads into customers. At worst, you could do harm to existing relationships, and put your reputation and future sales, at risk.

No Strategy? Bounce will create one just right, for you!

To make the most of social media and other online marketing and relationship building tools, Real Estate Agents at minimum, should have a well-defined Marketing Plan. It should include your personal brand, one that reflects your authentic-self and that resonates with your customers, inspiring them to choose you as their Real Estate Agent, as the need arises.

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Real Estate clients are tech savvy, mobile and easily distracted

Real Estate Agents know that networking is key to generating leads. And, that the best ways to grow and convert leads and keep customers long term, is to connect with them, often, where and how they spend much of their time.

Problem is, finding and engaging with them is more difficult then ever, never mind gaining their attention for more than a fleeting moment. And, its especially challenging here in the California desert, where almost one in four people travel months at a time, several times a year.

Engaging your customers via multi-media channels

Daily, our clients interact with dozens, if not, hundreds of people via mobile phones and social media. In today’s real estate arena, to get and stay top-of-mind, Agents must look for leads and engage with customers via the information channels they use most often.

Typically, that can mean socializing with clients and leads routinely, on multiple media platforms including, social media, email, web, or phone based applications, and less frequently with traditional print media like direct mail.

Marketing and Social Media Planning is Key

As Sales Agents, you already know that market strategy is an essential process that runs through every business. And, that how well-integrated your marketing plan is to the rest of your sales process, can determine the height of your business success.

Now that your customers literally hold their advertising and communications tools in the palms of their hands, it can be said that the success of your marketing plan is dependent in large part, on the integration of mobile and social media strategies.

Problem is, as a Sales Agent your talent really shines when interacting with new and interesting people face-to-face, rather than from behind the screen of a laptop or phone.  And, the idea of spending several hours a week on faceless gadgets may not be the kind of game you are eager or willing to play.

Bounce is a Game Changer!

Bounce was created as solution to your marketing dilemma. Bounce can work with you to develop a marketing and social media plan, and communications delivery systems that meet your time constraints, and your clients’ expectations. Bounce then delivers on your strategy, consistently and reliably, raising the bar on quality, service and value to you, and your customers.

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