Bounce helps Agents get and stay top-of-mind, by connecting them with customers via the information channels they use most often, and with messages that inspire trust, competence and caring.

Real Estate sales are built on relationshipscreating a ‘Relational‘ brand, making connections, and delivering on promises made.

Although the real estate industry is changing, people have not. More than ever, establishing personal relationships is key to building credibility, trust, customer and sales growth.

But, while the internet and social media make connecting to clients easier, Agents are now, just one of dozens or more personal interactions they could choose to entertain that day.

The real challenge is to get and keep top-of-mind. To do that, Agents must connect with clients often, via media channels they use most, care and share in their likes, interests and needs, and offer information relevant to them.  

Bounce can do all that for you!  And, more. 

Bounce makes customer relationship building easier and more affordable. Specifically, Bounce works with you to develop your own personal brand and targeted customer marketing and message delivery solutions. Once approved by you, Bounce takes over and delivers on your marketing program, consistently and reliably for as long as you choose.

Bounce raises the bar on quality, service and value to  you, and your customers. 

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